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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell products to the public?

We are a wholesaler to retail shops. You will find our products in many independent stores and major retail chains but unfortunately we do not supply to individual members of the public.

Is DATS affiliated with the company that hires skip bins?

No, we are not related to any skip bin company. Our sole business is developing and supplying consumer products for retail shops.

How can I set up an account for my store?

Please complete your contact details on the Contact Us page, and one of our representatives will contact you to assist you in completing an application.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, our showroom is located at our main office in Orchard Hills, Sydney. If you would like to visit our showroom, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a time to take you through it.

Do you have representatives in all States?

Yes, we have representatives that service all States. If you would like someone to contact you, please complete your details on the Become a Customer page.

I am in a regional area. Do you supply to regional locations?

Yes, we have many valued customers in regional areas. We would be happy to welcome you as a customer whether your business is in a metropolitan or regional area.

Do you have a minimum order value?

Yes, as a wholesaler we do have minimum order values. If you would like to purchase stock for your store, our representative will explain the order and delivery process.